Bear In Mind App Project

Problem area: The app is designed to be a quick, fun and effective reminder app that boost children’s self-confidence and help them avoiding tricky situations when they forget about important opportunities and commitments.
The Approach to the Problem: First I made a brainstorm about the problem and wrote down which features would be “nice to have and need to have”. I had interviews with potential users.
The Process : I made requirement specification, collected quotes from app developers to code the app. Then wireframing, and medium fidelity prototype of all the screens in JustinMind, and made an animated prototype, also in JustInMind. I tested the app and made many bug reports to developers and graphic designers. I designed and set up the website in WordPress, handled SEO in 6 languages, Social Media, and was project manager on 3 promotions video for the app in 3 languages.
The Results: The iPhone version was launched globally in March 2017 soon and Android version in 9 languages, a website in 6 languages. The app has received 4 stars in an app review by Common Sense Media.
Work areas: UX/ UI Design, web design, usability testing, user research, budgets, app preview on App Store, ASO, SEO, project planning, business management, requirement specification, testing, bug reports.
Interactive prototype of Bear In Mind       Website:

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